Ceramic product maintenance

Bathtub maintenance

Faucet maintenance

Q: Ceramic product maintenance
A: Cleans is separated about a week for to be suitable, cleans with theweak acid cleanser or the neutral clean fluid, may make the ceramicproduct throughout to maintain luminously
Q: Bathtub maintenance
A: Each time uses finished with sponge and so on soft the cloth cleans,prohibits with steely and so on the hard matter, in order to avoidcreates the surface to scratch causes rough or delimits the mark.Usually maintains the bathtub neatness, do not have to lay aside thehard goods in the bathtub, do not have to put on the shoe or the hardbottom slipper enters in the bathtub to step on.
Q: Faucet maintenance
A: Please use the dry soft cotton fabric to dip the neutral cleanser toclean, prohibits with steely Hundred clear cloths and so on thehard matter, or the acidic strong cleanser cleans
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